Why Stand Ye Gazing?

Acts 1:1-11

Usually when we consider this passage of Scripture our focus is upon v11 where the angelic messengers deliver the wonderful promise of Jesus' return. That is a great promise! It is reassuring to know that 'this same Jesus' will return one day, just as the disciples had watched Him ascend up into the heavens.

However, tonight I would like to turn your attention to the phrase, "Why stand ye here gazing?" This question is like many that we use today. Someone tells you something and you ask, "What were you thinking?" They really don't want to know what you were thinking. A teacher returns to her classroom only to find the students acting like a bunch of monkeys. She asks, "What is going on here?" She isn't looking for a response from the students.

The question in our text reminds me of when the Lord came to Adam and asked, "Adam, where art thou?" (Ge. 3:9) It wasn't that the Lord didn't know where Adam was; it was that He wanted Adam to realize where he was. In our text this evening, the messengers were not interested in the disciples' response to this question. They asked it that they might realize that this wasn't what they were supposed to be doing…they weren't supposed to be standing around gazing up into the sky. They had been given specific instruction by the resurrected Lord!

I. Stop Gazing and Obey the Lord v4

II. Stop Gazing and Go and Wait v4

III. Stop Gazing and Let God Work v8

IV. Stop Gazing - Jesus is Coming Back v11

As we consider this heavenly challenge to the first church, we must realize the application for us as well. This is a corporate challenge to Grace Baptist Temple, and an individual challenge to each one of us here this evening.

It is time for us to 'stop gazing' and get to work for the Lord. We need to be about our Father's business. Too often we let our agenda take precedence over what God has called us to do. Heed the challenge tonight.