Almost a Christian

Acts 26:28

Read: Acts 26:19-28

I. Three key words

II. Biblical Examples of 'Almost' Christians

This morning, are you a Christian? Or are you almost a Christian? Come now and receive Him as your personal Lord and Savior. Let us take the Bible and show you today how you can be saved for all eternity!

For those who are believers here today, what about our walk with Him? Are we almost serving Him with our life? Almost surrendered to Him? Almost a witness for Him?

The great hymn writer, P.P. Bliss, penned these words in 1871.

'Almost persuaded' harvest is past! 'Almost persuaded' doom comes at last! 'Almost' cannot avail, 'Almost' is but to fail! Sad, sad that bitter wail, 'Almost, but lost!'