The Gospel Of The Grace Of God

Acts 20:24

Read: Acts 20:17-24

I. The "Need" For Grace

II. The "Provision" Of Grace

III. The "Reception" Of Grace

The Gospel of the grace of God is good news about God's grace. We all need His grace, God has provided it through His Son Jesus, and all that is left for us to do is receive it by faith. Now that is good news! You have heard today, will you receive His gift…or reject it? The decision is up to each person this morning.

Friend, understand that God loves you today, and He demonstrated that love by graciously providing salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary. Will you, by faith, receive His grace today? Come now.

Christian, when we consider the wonderful grace of our Lord; how can we not serve Him? How can we refuse to witness to others that must hear before it is too late?