Can God Really Use My Life?

Acts 9:1-6; 10-16

Every time I read this story, I stand amazed at the great grace of God. I see the Lord take this man Saul, save him by grace, and transform him into the great Apostle to the Gentiles and I realize that there is hope for people like you and me to be used of the Lord.

The truth is, Saul was a very unlikely candidate for the service of the Lord. Here was a man who was feared and hated by Christians and one who did everything in his power to destroy the name of the Lord Jesus. Yet, God reached down in grace and took this man from where he was and used him to change the world. God used him in such a great manner that Paul's ministry is still reaping fruit today. Just the fact that we are talking about his life and the impact he had on the world is a testimony to way God used him than and is using him now.

We may feel that there is no possible way that the Lord could use us like He did Paul, or that God could even use us at all.

I suppose that we all feel inferior and unworthy to be used of the Lord in His work, but I am here today to tell you that Jesus can and will use us if we will make ourselves available.

I. Our Past Condition Is No Obstacle v1

II. Our Present Circumstances Are No Obstacle v2

III. Our Personal Characteristics Are No Obstacle to God. v11-16

Can God use our life? Yes He can! Let me close with a few spiritual questions.

  1. Are you really saved? (Not good, baptized, church member, but truly saved?)
  2. Are you fully surrendered? (Is you absolute all on the altar for Jesus? Are you holding anything back? Everything must be His!)
  3. Are you available for Him to use? (That is, is your life so cluttered with everything that you do that there is nowhere for the Lord to get in an use you?)
  4. Are you willing to be used by the Lord? (He won't force you to serve Him. He may make you wish you had, but He will never force you into anything. You must come to the place where you are willing for the Lord to use you.)

If the answer to any of these question is "no", than the Lord cannot use you until those things are taken care of by His grace. I challenge every person in this room to examine your hearts and do that thing that you need to do right now.