Worship is a Celebration

Acts 3:1-10

We love celebrations. They are an important part of our lives. We celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries and other important days. We throw parties, take pictures, give flowers and gifts, we, eat special cake, and go to our special restaurants. These special times remind us of the past and bond us together for the future. We not only have personal celebrations, we have national celebrations. We celebrate holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Again these celebration days are marked by time away from work, leisure, laughter and play. We picnic, parade, barbecue and shoot off fireworks. We spend time with family and friends. Such celebrations lift us from the routine of our lives. Every Sunday should be a celebration. Every Lord's Day should be a holiday. Worship is like these other celebrations in that it reminds me of the PAST - what God has done. Worship centers me on the PRESENT- what God is doing now. Worship also give me hope for the FUTURE - what God will do soon.

Tonight we want to examine a biblical example of worship celebration and consider why every believer ought to celebrate the worship of Almighty God.

Read: Acts 3:1-10

I. One Example of Celebration Worship

II. Reasons for Worship as Celebration.

Do we have cause to celebrate in worship? Think about our yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Is there not a reason for us to celebrate and worship Him? If not, perhaps we need to be saved. Or if we are a Christian, perhaps we just need to draw closer to Him. Whatever the need why not come tonight and spend time with the Lord. Let's make it right.