Ho, Ho, Ho

Acts 17:22-25

Read: Acts 17:22-25

The Apostle Paul arrived in Athens, and as he looked around at all of the statues to various Greek gods, he saw an opportunity to challenge the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Greeks were careful not to overlook any of the gods, and they had erected a monument to the "Unknown God". Paul used their superstition to introduce them to the One True God. Paul recognized that these folks were just searching for answers. They didn't know God, but they were searching. In this way, they are not unlike many people today. There is an unusual fascination with angels, demons, and the supernatural. Now, at this time of the year there is a great deal of focus on a character called Santa Claus.

There are a number of parallels between the character we know as Santa and the One True God.

What is Santa famous for saying? Ho, Ho, Ho ! It is interesting that 'Ho' is a biblical word. It is found in only three verses, 'Ho, Ho, Ho' .

Today is Christmas eve, so stay with me for just a few more minutes and let's see what the Scriptures say.

I. The "Ho" of Salvation. Cf Ruth 4:1

II. The "Ho" of Satisfaction. Cf Is. 55:1

III. The "Ho" of Separation. Cf Zech. 2:6

Ho - Ho - Ho Salvation, Satisfaction, and Separation. What do we need this Christmas? Have we placed our faith in Jesus Christ? He wants us to be saved today! Where do we look for satisfaction? It will not be found wrapped in pretty paper and bows. What about our walk for Christ? Is it such that others will see Christ in us? Or are we so much like the world, that no one could even tell that we are a child of God?

Ho - Ho - Ho