Saying "No" to God

Acts 10:14

The passage we read this morning and several others we can find in the Scriptures portray individuals who simply say no to God. There was no question in Peter's mind who was speaking with him. Yet he said "No"!

We read this and say, "Shame on Peter, he should have known better than to tell God 'No'." But before we become to indignant toward Peter, let's honestly consider ourselves. I believe there are those of us here today that have also said 'no' to God.

There are those who have said no to God's gracious offer of salvation. And there are those who have accepted Christ, but still refuse to follow Him and have said 'no' to His call to discipleship.

I. Saying 'No' to Salvation.

II. Saying "No" to Discipleship.

As we close today, are you saying 'no' to God? Are you saying 'no' to His free offer of salvation? Why not come today and say 'Yes' God, I know that if I were to die right now I would spend eternity in Hell. But I come now to accept the price Jesus paid on Calvary for my sins. I come this morning placing my faith in Jesus Christ. Will you say yes to God today?

Christian, are you saying no to God in your life? Perhaps you have been saved, but you have never obeyed the command to be baptized, will you say yes today? Maybe you are sitting on the sidelines and have not actively gotten involved in serving the Lord in this local church. Why not say yes today? Maybe God is calling you into ministry, whether here or on the mission field, will you say yes to God today? Maybe God is calling you to prayer this morning, will you say yes to Him?