The Power of a Loving Church

Acts 2:41-46

It is interesting to me, as a pastor, to listen to what people have to say about church. It is more interesting to hear what they have to say about this church! The apostle Paul said that he was willing to be "...all things to all men...". But that is a tall order.

Some folks are looking for a bigger church, others are looking for a smaller church. Some want one that is more elaborate, while others think we are too pretentious. Some like the formalism of orthodoxy, and for others we are too organized. On any given Sunday, we are either too hot or we are too cold. My messages are too long, or too short??? Well, maybe they are never too short! But you get the picture.

Read: Acts 2:41-46

Meet the Powerful First Baptist Church of Jerusalem. (Baptist??? The charter members were all baptized by a Baptist preacher)

What Gave That Dynamic Church Its Power? The same thing that will empower Grace Baptist Temple to be what God would have us to be.

It is not easy being Grace Baptist Temple. We are unique among churches, and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I suppose if there was one thing that I would like for us to would be that we be known as a loving church. I believe there is great power there.

I. They Loved the Lord (vv. 41-42)

II. They Loved One Another (vv. 42-46)

III. They Loved Lost People (v. 47)

The power of love is awesome. If we would only increase our love for God, for each other, and for the lost…we would see some great and mighty things take place for His honor and glory. Will you come tonight?