A Closer Look at the Experience

Acts 2,8,9,10 & 19

Tonight we want to continue to look at God's Word and evaluate the Modern-day Charismatic movement. We have established some things that will help us in this endeavor.

There are three elements in the basic foundation of Pentecostal/Charismatic doctrine.

The book of Acts is a historical narrative covering a crucial period of time from the infant church to Paul's third missionary journey ending with Paul in prison some thirty years later. The only teachings in the book of Acts that we should include in our doctrinal teachings are those which are confirmed elsewhere in Scripture. It is a transitional book where we go from the synagogue to the church, from law to grace, and from a body of Jewish believers to the body of Christ made up of Jews and Gentile believers alike.

I. A Closer Look at Acts 2.

II. A Closer Look at Acts 10.

III. A Closer Look at Acts 19.

Conclusion: Of the only 3 times we find anyone in Scripture speaking in tongues, none of these events are in line with what is being taught in the present day Charismatic movement. Remember, our standard by which we evaluate anything is the Word of God, and the facts do not support their teaching. God was at work in each of these situations. He was bringing together all sorts of people into a new program, the Local Church, through which He will evangelize the entire world. Acts is a book of transition, not one of doctrinal instruction for the church and the believer today.