The Unknown God

Acts 17:23

Read: Acts 17:13-16

The apostle Paul had gone to Athens to meet with Silas and Timothy. While he waited for them he observed the city. He was moved because of the great amount of spiritual wickedness that he saw.

As we observe our own city and country we ought to be stirred by what we see! All around us there is spiritual Isaiah described the condition of Israel, we are sick from top to bottom!

Read: v17-21

Paul was moved to action. He began to preach Christ in the synagogue with the Jews and to all that would listen in the market place. He was then invited to speak to the intellectual crowd. Read: v22-23

As Paul began his address to the men of Athens, he acknowledged that were overly superstitious.

There was well over 25,000 public statues and idols to their many gods. Among them Paul noticed that they had erected a memorial "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD". With that illustration, Paul began to tell them about the One God that they were ignorant of, the God who loved them enough to send His only Son to this earth to die in their place that they might have eternal life.

It isn't hard for us to think of a culture which existed many years ago and knew not God. It isn't difficult to imagine people in some far away part of the world today who are still in darkness and do not know the One True God. But this morning, I want you to think about the fact that He is still the Unknown God to many many people right here in our own city, and community! Why is that true?

I. He is the Unknown God because He is the Unseen God!

II. He is the Unknown God because He is not served.

III. He is the Unknown God because He is not Sought.

Unfortunately, God remains the Unknown God to many people around the world, but also right in our own community! Perhaps there are some here today who do not know Him personally. There is a vast difference between knowing about God and knowing God personally! Do you know Him today? Why not come and allow us to introduce you to Him this morning?

Christians, Are we doing all we can do to see that others know Christ?