The Marks of a Christian: Generosity

Acts 20:35

Paul said, "...I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus." Of course he was talking about the physical marks of suffering and persecution which identified him with his Lord. But tonight I want us to once again consider the fact that our lives ought to be marked for the Lord. Not physically, but spiritually! There should be some characteristics in our lives that will identify us as Bible believing Baptists.

Several years ago one of Brandon's teachers talked with me and told me that she had called on him to pray and that he prayed just like I did, and that amazed her. For the past couple of years ago we have brought in photographs of the men who served in the military. The first year we brought in my bootcamp photo when I was 17 years old. A great number of folks said that my picture looked just like Ben. That shouldn't surprise us. These are my sons. They ought to possess certain characteristics of their father. And we as children of God ought to possess certain characteristics of our Heavenly Father!

Tonight we come to look at another of the spiritual marks of a Christian. It is the mark of generosity. This is not limited to what we do with money! What we do with money is a reflection of our generosity, but generosity goes far beyond finances.

Generosity is the act of doing more than is expected of you. Can it be said of you that you are generous? If we only do the minimum, or if we only do that which we are expected to do, then we do not exhibit the characteristic of generosity.

I. Biblical Examples of Generosity.

II. To Whom Are We To Be Generous?

III. Why Should We Be Generous?

Tonight, which do you want to be? Alive and vibrant blessing many people? Or dead and literally good for nothing? The difference has to do with the spirit of generosity. When others look at our lives what do they see? They need to see Jesus! The world needs to see His reflection in our lives.