What is a Great Church?

Acts 2:42-47

The question this morning that I would like each of us to consider is this: What is a great church? I would like to think that this church is a great church, but is it really? That word "great" carries many meanings. We use it often do describe things, events, and even people. We say, and have said, we had a "great" service, or a "great" offering, or a "great" conference. And we often use the word to describe a church. This may mean a large building, or a large congregation, or a wealthy and influential church, and sometimes it refers to the fact that there is a well-known pastor in the pulpit. But a great New Testament church means none of these things. In fact, God's standards of greatness is utterly foreign to that of this world. This morning, I want us to give our attention to the Scriptures and see what it is that makes a great church.

I. Great Power. cf. Acts 4:33

II. Great Grace. cf. Acts 4:33

III. Great Fear. cf Acts 5:5, 11

Conclusion: The pattern is clear from the Scriptures as to what it takes for a church to be considered great. We could go on and find that there was great persecution, great results, and great joy. But a church is made up of individual members, and every mark of a New Testament church should also be a mark of a New Testament believer. When church members are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, when they receive abundant grae and walk in the fear of God, then and only then, will we become a great church by God's standards!

This morning can this be said of you? Are you saved by the blood of Christ? Have you identified with this local church through baptism and membership? Are filled with the Spirit of God, resting upon His grace, and walking in the fear of God? If not then why?