The Journey of Life

Acts 27:1-44

Our life is a journey through time unto eternity. Many poets and writers have often used that theme. We all have a beginning and an end which are separated by the experiences of life along the way. Although all of us have similar beginnings, our final destination is determined by what choices we make along the way. The choices we make also play a major role in how we react to the storms that come our way.

This morning we will look at a passage of Scripture which focuses upon two men who are very different: the apostle Paul, and one Julius, a Roman centurion. Paul had been imprisoned for preaching the gospel. Because he was a citizen of Rome, it was his privilege to receive a hearing before Caesar. So they set sail!

I. The Beginning. v1-8

II. The Warning.

III. The Storm.

IV. The Promise. v21-26

V. The Shipwreck.

Conclusion: In this world of uncertainties, one thing we can count on is God's promises found in His Word. This morning, what are you trusting in? Are you trusting in your own strength to get you through life? or are you leaning upon the Lord?

Are you struggling through a storm today? I encourage you to put your trust in the Lord, He will not fail! If you have never accepted Christ's payment on Calvary for your sins, why not trust Him today? Whatever your need, come now.