Of the Scriptures

II Timothy 3:16-17

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Last week we began looking at "what we believe and why we believe it" by addressing the covenant we have made together. This evening I want to begin looking at our articles of faith. It is of the supreme importance that we begin with what we believe concerning the Bible, because is it determines what we believe about everything else!

The Bible is a holy book, we must reverence it and stand in awe of it for there is no other book that compares with the Bible in all of literature. The Bible is a miracle book for no other book or piece of literature has withstood the test of time and prevailed over the centuries.

We as an independent Bible-believing Baptist church base everything we believe and preach on the fact that the Bible is a miracle book! It is the foundation on which all faith and practice is based. Written by men who were supernaturally inspired, it is the only complete and final revelation of God to man. From Genesis to Revelation it stands unified without error or contradiction.

I. It Is Miraculous In Inspiration.

II. The Bible Is Miraculous In Its Preservation.

III. The Bible Is Miraculous In Its Power.

Conclusion: We believe that we have a supernatural Bible! It is a miracle book! It is miraculous in its Inspiration, in its Preservation, and in its Power. Our position on the Bible separates us from many other churches and groups of believers. We are BIBLE Baptists. We believe that this Holy Bible, A.V. 1611, is the final authority in matters of faith and practice. God inspired it, preserved it, and empowered it...we are privileged to proclaim it here and around the world!