II Timothy 4:10

The passage we have before us this morning is some of the final writings of the Apostle Paul before he was beheaded for the faith. He has been in prison, and writes to Timothy to encourage him and instruct him in the ministry.

As he closes this section he reflects on those who were closely associated with his ministry and mentions Demas. "...hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica..."

Demas becomes an example of the backslider. Not a lost man who never accepted Christ, but one who had made a profession of faith. One who was involved in serving God. A helper and co-worker with the Apostle Paul. But....

This morning I want to speak to you about the warning signs or indications of the terrible condition of being backslidden. If we can identify and heed the warning signs we can avoid the results. There are too many causualties among Christians! Too many could have beens and used to be's! Let's all heed these warnings.

I. The Distractions Abound.

II. The Deceitfulness is Awful.

III. The Disobedience is Acceptable.

IV. The Deserting is Agreeable.

V. The Damage is Accountable.

This morning will we heed the warnings? Will we honestly look at our lives and consider if we are on our way to becoming a Demas? If you are a Christian this morning, ask yourself these questions.

· Are we distracted from serving Christ? · Are we deceiving ourselves? · Have we come to accept disobedience? · Have we given up on God?

We must realize that we are accountable to God for the damage done to ourselves, our families, and others.

Are you here this morning without a personal relationship to Jesus Christ? Will you come and trust Him today? Whatever your need might be, will you come this morning?