Growing Spiritually: Disciplined in the Word

II Timothy 3:16

We have been considering the topic of Spiritual Growth on the last several Sunday evenings. We have talked about the necessity of being confident in our relationship with God in order to facilitate spiritual growth. Tonight we want to address what may seem to be simple and obvious, but in order to grow spiritually it is necessary for the believer to get to know the Word of God. I often tell new believers that a good place for them to start isn't Genesis 1:1, but rather it is John 1:1. By starting in the Gospel of John they will begin to know more about Jesus and their relationship to Him. We know that new believers who get into the Word will grow spiritually. But that is also true of those who have been saved a while. For us to continue to grow spiritually we must continue to read, study and meditate on God's Word. But this takes discipline. It takes determination. The flesh wants to read the paper, watch T.V., and spend time outside or in the workshop; really anything BUT reading the Word of God. We make excuses… 'I am not a good reader', 'I get sleepy', 'I am just too busy', etc. What we must do is acknowledge that we may not WANT to read and study the Bible, but we will because we KNOW it is what we should do. That is called discipline! Discipline isn't easy, but it is necessary. As a new recruit going through boot camp, I didn't understand why they treated us the way they did.

But then it finally dawned on me that I was in basic training … I was being disciplined in the way of the Navy. This was necessary for me to function as a part of the whole. You may have never been through a military basic training, but all of us have certain disciplines built into our lives. We discipline ourselves to get up on time in order to get to work or school. Without that discipline, we would never earn a paycheck or pass a class. In much the same way, unless we discipline ourselves to be in the Word daily, we will never grow spiritually.

Paul understood this concept. Even the apostle Paul had to discipline his own life.

Three areas of discipline with regard to the Scriptures that we will consider this evening are: the NATURE of God's Word - what it is like, the NECESSITY of God's Word - why we need to study it and the NAVIGATION of God's Word - how can we study it.

I. The NATURE of God's Word.

II. The NECESSITY of God's Word.

III. The NAVIGATION of God's Word.

To grow spiritually we must be confident in our relationship with the Lord, and we must be disciplined in our approach to God's Word. Are we growing spiritually? Not if we are not confident in our salvation, and not if we are neglecting the Word of God!