What's This World Coming To? (Part One)

II Timothy 3:1-9

What is this world coming to? Often that question is given rhetorically as a response to some news item we hear or read. While in Springfield I spoke with a pastor friend who lives in Massachusetts. One of the first things out of his mouth was an apology for the decision to allow same sex marriages in his state. We might consider that and say, 'What is this world coming to?'

Well, let me answer that tonight. It is coming to an END! No. That isn't a joke or a smart aleck answer; it is the truth according to God's Word! Even the secularists have fearful expectations. People who have no allegiance to the Scripture realize the potential for the end of the world, as we know it. The increasing escalation of war in the Middle East, nuclear attacks or accidents, energy crises, ecological disasters, killer viruses, earthquakes, droughts, terrorist attacks, or the effects of global warming all have people thinking about the end of the world. But as believers in Jesus Christ, we do not have to fear.

2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Before we get very far into this study, it is important that we note a few dangers to avoid when studying prophecy.

I. Setting Dates and Making Predictions.

II. Interpreting Scripture in light of Headlines.

III. Trying to Answer Unanswerable Questions.

IV. Ignoring the Practical Application of Scripture.

There are some real dangers for us as we begin to study prophecy. We need to be aware of them and avoid them. As we study about the future of this world let us consider ourselves and our ministries. Let's not allow ourselves to become so caught up in coming events that we forget about our responsibility to those around us. Jesus is coming again, and that thought should bring an urgency to our minds concerning the need of those who are without Him. It is exciting to think of all the wonderful things that await the faithful child of God, but it is also sobering to realize what awaits those who have never trusted Him as Savior. What is this world coming to? It is coming to an END, and what we do for the Lord we must do quickly. The eternal destiny of souls are in the balance!