Can God Really Keep Me Saved?

II Timothy 1:12

In this verse, the Apostle Paul makes a bold statement concerning his salvation. He tells us that he is confident that his salvation is eternal in nature. But, is it really? Is salvation something we can be sure of, or is it something we must simply hope will work out for us in the end? Can a Christian truly have absolute assurance that he or she is saved? And, can the Christian be sure that he or she will never be lost again? Is there anything you or I could do that would cause Jesus to take away our salvation? Is it possible for us to decide that we didn't want to be a Christian anymore and lose it that way? What I am asking is can God really keep me saved? Most would say "No!" The majority, of those who claim to be Christians, holds to the view that says man can, by the exercise of his own free will turn from God to sin at any time and be lost. This is the view held by the nearly every church in town. They believe and teach that it is possible for a person to be lost after they have come to Jesus Christ for salvation. They teach that man's free will allows him the right to choose between salvation and sin at his own choice. [2]

We believe and teach that once God has granted salvation; it can never be taken away. We hold that once a person has been saved by grace, they are forever saved and nothing will ever be able to change that fact! We believe that man is saved by the exercise of his free will, and that at the moment of salvation, the believer is instantly and eternally changed and adopted in to the family of God. We believe that the believer is declared righteous through justification and that eternal life is a present possession. We hold that it is impossible for one who has been born again to ever be lost, or to ever go to hell. Now, who is right? Can salvation be lost as the majority of the church world teaches? Or, is salvation an eternal gift that can never be taken back? To come to the proper conclusion, we must understand what the Bible teaches about salvation. I believe that Paul clears up the issue in this verse. If we will be honest with the Word and with ourselves, we will discover this morning Paul answers the question, "Can God Really Keep Me Saved?" with a resounding YES!

I. Paul's Conversion

II. Paul's Confidence

III. Paul's Commitment

Can God really keep me saved? Yes, He can and He does! But the more important question this morning is have we trusted in His finished work on Calvary as the only means of salvation? Have we committed our past, present, and future to Him? Will you come today?

(2 Tim 1:12) For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.