II Timothy 1:7-12

Read Text. I have a nephew who has been in the 101st Airborne unit of the Army for nearly 15 years. He is 100% squared away military. You can tell it by looking at him, but when you talk with him it becomes very evident. He uses a term quite often in conversation. 'Absolutely!' I have, on occasion heard the same term from others. It is used to give assurance and to make things clear. Absolutely means: Complete, not mixed, pure, unrelated to, or dependent on something else. Not partial. Not weakened down. It means there is no doubt about it! You can count on it! In the passage we have before us, the apostle Paul wants to make things crystal clear concerning his relationship with the Lord. If he had lived in today's culture, he would have used the word 'Absolutely'!

I want to present some questions to you this morning. Your answers will determine your relationship to the Lord, and point out the need for action.

I. Are you 'Absolutely' saved?

II. Are You Absolutely Sure?

III. Are You Absolutely Surrendered?

This morning, are we absolutely saved? Are we absolutely sure? And are we absolutely surrendered? If not, we need to come today and do business with God. Do not delay; if the recent tragic events have taught us anything, it is that time is short and life is fragile. Come today.