Being A Good Soldier Of Jesus Christ

II Timothy 2:1-4

I. Three Types Of Soldiers

II. The Good Soldier's Identity.

III. The Attributes of a Good Soldier

During a terrible battle, the great French general, Napoleon instructed the drummer to beat a retreat. The young man stood silent. The general gave the command a second time, and the response was the same. Finally, the general drew his sword and placed it at the throat of the young man and commanded that he sound the drum beat for retreat. Trembling the young man answered, "But sir, you've never taught me to sound retreat before." With that the general thundered, "Then sound forth the charge!" The army motivated by the confidence of its general advanced and won the victory that day.

Our Savior has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." We are challenged to go forward for the cause of Christ and be good soldiers for Him.