What The Bible Is All About

II Timothy 3:16

Occasionally, someone will walk into my office - it is usually a student - and view my library. Then comes the question, "Have you read all of these books?" Some I have read, others I have not read, and most of them I have read partially. Some books are so huge (the complete works of Josephus - not Bocephus!) that they can intimidate us.

In my hand I hold the Bible. It can be intimidating. After all, it is a BIG BOOK! (39 chapters in the Old Testament, 27 in the New, 66 all together. An entire library of law, history, poetry, wisdom and prophecy.) But unlike every other book that had ever been printed, the Bible IS the key to understanding life and purpose. It is of great importance that we understand what the Bible is all about. Note this morning several themes that we find in Scripture that will help us understand what it is all about.

I. The Bible Describes the Person of God.

II. The Bible Describes The Problem Facing Mankind.

III. The Bible Describes The Provision Of The Savior.

IV. The Bible Reveals the Future of Mankind.

What is the Bible all about?

Where will we spend eternity? There are only two eternal places; in the presence of God or separated from Him in the Lake of Fire. Regardless of what some might say, the Word of God declares that only two eternal destinations exist. Which one will be ours? Accept Christ today. Put your trust in Him and His finished work on Calvary.