Advice and Exhortation

II Thessalonians 3:1-18

The apostle Paul had encouraged the believers in chapter one. He had given them 'Enlightenment upon the doctrine of the 'day of the Lord' and the return of Christ in chapter two. Now in this final chapter, Paul gives the believers some practical advice and exhortations. This advice is not just for the church at Thessalonica, but it is certainly applicable to us today.

I. Prayer and Patience v1-5

II. Working and Eating v6-12

III. Hearing and Doing v13-15

IV. Paul's closing remarks v16-18

Some excellent practical advice for each of us this evening. We need to heed Paul's advice about prayer and patience, also about the principle of work, and being obedient to what God, in His Word, has commanded us to do.

Are you praying for this ministry? And for this pastor? Are you carrying your share of the responsibilities around here? Are you in obedience to what God wants you to do? Why not come tonight and yield yourself to Him. Come and re-commit your life to Him. Jesus is coming soon, are we looking for Him tonight?