Until He Comes

II Thess. 3:1-16

(2 Th 3:5) "And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ."

We are to live with the inner expectation that Christ may come today, but with an outward lifestyle that says He might not come in our lifetime. In other words, we are to work like He is coming back in the next 5 minutes, while realizing He may choose to tarry His coming until after our lives are over. Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians to comfort the church about the imminent return of Christ. Paul wrote 2 Thessalonians to correct an error in thinking about the imminent return of Christ. He was concerned that there were some who had decided to abandon a responsible lifestyle, citing the soon return of Christ as the reason for their laziness and irresponsibility. How do we do this? How do we live a balanced life, that expects Jesus to appear any moment, but lives as if he may not appear in our lifetime? How do we balance hope and responsibility?

I. PRAY for one another (vss. 1-2)

II. TRUST in God's faithfulness (v3)

III. OBEY what we have been taught (v4)

IV. LEARN love and patience (v5)

V. WORK while we wait (vss. 6-12)

VI. DON'T QUIT, ever. (vs. 13)

What do we do until He comes? Pray, Trust, Obey, Learn to love and be patient, Work, and Don't Quit!