Individual Soul Liberty and Responsibility

II Cor. 5:10

Over the past several weeks we have been looking at some of the beliefs that set Baptists apart from others within Christianity.

Our History sets us apart; We are not Protestants! Our Position on the Word of God. Our Position on the Ordinances of the Local Church. Our Belief in a Regenerated Church Membership Our Position on the Autonomy of the Local Church

Tonight, we want to look at yet another Baptist distinctive: Individual Soul Liberty and Responsibility.

I. The Doctrine and Its Implications.

II. Baptists and Religious Freedom.

Ill. The Scriptures on Soul Liberty.

Baptists have been around a long time. We haven't always been as well accepted as we are now. Much of the problem has always been that we believe in individual soul liberty and responsibility. We tend to go with what the Bible teaches rather than go along with 'mainstream' Christianity. Tonight, you are responsible for your relationship with the Lord. Is it right?