That You Might Be Rich

II Corinthians 8:9

We are officially in the Christmas season now. Last Friday was the beginning of the Christmas shopping days at most retail outlets. Lights were lit in many cities including our own. So I believe that this series of messages are right in line with the time of year that we are in. Last week we began a series on the Christian and his possessions. We are going to look at many aspects of this subject in the coming weeks. Tonight we want to consider "giving". We will look at the beauty, nature, and purpose of giving.

If you want to understand the biblical principles concerning giving, the best place to look is in 2 Corinthians, chapters eight and nine. This evening I want us to focus on one particular vers found in the midst of this passage on giving. READ: 2 Co. 8:9.

I. The Beauty of Giving.

II. The Nature of Giving.

III. The Purpose of Giving.

Conclusion: Jesus has given us the pattern for Christian giving. It goes far beyond the tithe! Giving is a beautiful part of our Christian worship. Consider tonight how rich we are because Jesus, for our sakes, became poor.

We are rich in His love: how dull, how barren, how cheerless and dreary our lives would be without the warmth of God's love. We are rich in truth: we have His Word opened to us time and time again. We have gained insights into reality, we have seen things in their right perspective, and life has finally been brought into proper focus because we have His truth. We are rich in His power: In Christ we have been able to win battles and experience victories that we have never had before. We are rich in His daily mercies: We have clothes to wear, food to eat, nice homes in which to live, we have more blessings than we could ever imagine because of Him.

As we reflect upon His pattern of giving, our heads should be hung in shame over what we give, why we give, and how we give. May each of us tonight be challenged to seek to measure up to His standard...especially in the grace of giving.