Testing 1-2-3

II Corinthians 13:5

We concluded the series on the Charismatic movement with the final message last week on the subject of spirituality. I want us to continue to consider that topic, and for the next few weeks I want to bring messages on the 'Growing Christian'.

Every Christian is either in a state of spiritual growth or stagnation. If we are growing spiritually, we pray, study the Word of God, share our faith, love biblical teaching, and long for the Lord's Day. The believer who matures in Christ is sensitive to sin, swift to repent, and desires to stay in a right relationship with the Lord and with others. When we are growing in the Lord we continually think on the things of God and speak of them at every occasion. This is a result of being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

But the stagnant Christian's life reveals that the power of the Spirit no longer flows. They find time for everything but prayer and Bible study. They don't feel comfortable talking about Jesus in front of others and often camouflage their faith. They may go to church but they don't look forward to it; rather they just endure it.

Before we can grow in our relationship to the Lord, we must be confident in our relationship to the Lord. When considering our confidence in our relationship to the Lord:

I. There are basically three groups of people.

II. There are three key words in this verse, "examine," "prove" and "reprobates."

III. Wrong Ways to Test Our Relationship with God.

I will close here for now. Next week we will consider the positive side of self-examination of our faith.