II Corinthians 4:1-6

This evening I want us to consider a passage of Scripture where the apostle Paul talks about the demands of ministry. Do not think that this only applies to those who are "full-time" ministers. Tonight, if you are born again by the wonderful grace of Jesus Christ, then you have a ministry! Note: 2 Co. 5:18-20.

So what about these demands? What are they? We find some of them in 2 Co. 4:1-6.

I. Quitting is not an option. (v. 1)

II. Character is Mandatory. (v.2)

III. Failure is Disastrous. (v. 3-4)

IV. Humility must be a Reality. (v. 5-6)

Are we ministering for Christ? We have been given "this ministry" are we faithful? Do we need to re-commit our lives to the ministry of Christ to others? Come tonight and let God have His way!