Countdown to the Millennium: Judgment and Blessings

II Corinthians 5:10

Last week we began a series on the Second Coming of Christ and the related events that we find outlined in the Scriptures. We looked at the next event that will take place, and that is the rapture. The rapture should not be confused with the Second Coming, it is Christ coming in the air to meet all the believers who are resurrected and transformed for eternity.

The rapture of the believers coincides with the beginning of the tribulation period on the earth. This is a seven-year period of judgment that will be poured out on unbelieving mankind. We will see more about that in future studies. While all of that is going on down here on earth, there will be some very important things happening up in heaven.

Tonight, we want to consider two special events that will only involve the born-again believers who have been raptured by the Lord Jesus Christ. They are the Judgment Seat of Christ and the Marriage of the Lamb.

Note: This is NOT the same as the great white throne judgment of Rev. 20:12. One is for the saved the other is for the lost!

I. The Judgment Seat of Christ.

II. The Marriage of the Lamb

Remember, these events will take place in heaven while the events of the tribulation are taking place here on earth. The judgment seat of Christ and the marriage supper of the Lamb will be exciting events! But, just like the rapture, they will only be for those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.