Is adversity ever caused by God?

II Cor. 11:23-28

Does God ever cause adversity in our lives? The Bible teaches that God does send adversity, but within certain parameters and always for a reason that relates to our growth, perfection, and eternal good.

Does this make God any less a loving, good God? No. Neither is a parent who disciplines a child any less a loving, good parent. In fact, the consistent and positive discipline of a child is a primary part of good parenting. In the same manner, the disciplining actions of God are part of His attribute of flawless goodness. A good and loving God would do nothing less than discipline His children for their benefit.

Introduction: Example of Paul. Cf 2 Co. 11:23-28

Note: Some things for us to consider.

I. God's Plan for Our Life.

II. God Gives the Permission

III. Our Response When God Sends Adversity