Faith Promise

II Cor. 8:1-9

Have you ever said or thought to yourself., "if I only had the money I would love to give thousands o dollars to the needs of our missionaries all around the world." Although we may not have the resources right now to do that, God does! All that He wants is for us to be channels through which He can give that others might hear the gospel and be saved. God is not willing that any should perish, so He has a plan for world evangelization It is by and through the local Church. Note the definition of a faith-promise offering.

"A faith-promise offering is money that God will give through you, which, He might never give to you, if He saw He could not trust you to pass it on to others."

It is very exciting to become one of God's channels through which He gives so that every man might hear and come to the knowledge of His Truth.

READ TEXT: 2 Co. 8:1-9

Notice verse 3. "For to their power, I bear record yea, and BEYOND THEIR POWER they were willing of themselves."

Question: How can one give beyond the limits of his own resources?

Answer: Through a "Faith-Promise" offering.

Paul turns their attention to the churches of Macedonia (Thessalonica, Berea, and Philippi). He does this not to command or force something on the Corinthian believers (cf v.8). but to suggest that they might learn from the Macedonian churches, experience of giving and thus experience similar blessings.

Consider some principles of giving that can be drawn from this account in Scripture.

I. One's ability to give is not dependent upon the size of their bank account.

II. God's giving to us is often directly proportionate to our giving to Him.

III. All true giving begins with the giving of ourselves. (v.5)

IV. What we give proves how much we love. (v.8)

Faith-promise giving is biblical. Our ability to give is not determined by the size of our bank account. God's giving to us is often proportionate to our giving. It all begins with giving of ourselves. Our giving proves our love. Please pray about what God would have us give.