The Goal of Forgiveness

II Cor. 5:17-21

Tonight I want to move into a new part of our study on forgiveness and talk about the goal of forgiveness. The point that we want to make is that forgiveness is not an end in itself, but its an important step in the process reconciliation.

I. The Goal of Forgiveness

II. Steps To Reconciliation

The goal of forgiveness is reconciliation between two people. Will it always be achieved? No, only when both parties realize the importance of obeying the Scripture. We are to be growing in our forgiveness. Learning more about what God desires in our lives.

As I have said before, this matter of forgiveness is not easy, but it is right. Tonight, can we honestly say that all is right between us and others? Or are there some situations that still need to be resolved? In the situations where we have sought or granted forgiveness, has there been reconciliation? Why not come tonight and make things right with God and others.