Characteristics of a Servant

I Timothy 1:12

Every Christian is a servant of the Lord, and each has a place of service. These seven principles are what God requires-not outward training or education, but what makes a servant strong on the inside and prepares him for Christian service.

In the search for God's blessings and power, the most important ingredient for success in Christian service is often overlooked ... brokenness.

I. Calling: Every Single Saved Person Has A Special Calling Of God On His Life.

II. Surrender: We Must Answer The Call, Or It Will Have No Effect On Our Life.

III. Vision: When We Surrender Our All To God, He Will Give Us A Vision For Our Life.

IV. Brokenness Is The Key, It Is The Most Important Factor In Christian Service.

V. Holiness: Brokenness Produces Holiness Or Christ-Likeness.

VI. Power: God's Purpose For Giving Us His Power Is So That We Can Win Souls To Christ.

VII. Faithfulness: God Requires That We Be Faithful With What He Gives Us.