Countdown to the Millennium

I Thess. 4:13-18

If there is one thought that seems to dominate the minds of people right now, it is the new millennium. Y2K! What will it mean? What will it bring? Over the next few weeks I want to bring a series of messages entitled ‘Countdown to the New Millennium’. I will be preaching on things to come. We will look at several of the major events in the prophetic program of God for this earth and its people.

Now I want to say up front that I will not be sensationalizing anything. No hidden Bible coded messages, no new revelations from God, and no fictional characters and events like the popular series by LaHaye. I will simply be reminding you of what many of you have heard before, and hopefully it will be a source of encouragement and blessing to you. Perhaps it will spur you on to do some additional study in the Word. If so, that will be fine with me.

Tonight we will consider the very next thing to happen ... the coming of Jesus Christ in the air to rapture the believers out of this world! Rapture!

Now the word ‘rapture’ doesn’t appear in the Scripture, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. I believe that in our text tonight, the apostle Paul describes for us the next event in the prophetic schedule and we call it the rapture.

Let me also say, that I believe the Word of God teaches us that this event will take place BEFORE the tribulation. Not in the middle, and not after. The Bible teaches a pre-tribulation and pre-millennial rapture of ALL believers!

I. There Will Be Great Sounds.

II. The Great Savior's Appearance.

III. The Great Events on Earth.

Only those "IN CHRIST" will be part of the rapture. Will your family and friends be there? Who will tell them about this wonderful coming event? Who will help them sort out all the confusing misinformation to find the truth?