The Model Church

I Thessalonians 1:1-10

The epistles of Paul to the church at Thessalonica are two of Paul's earliest writings. They were written to real people who were experiencing real problems in a world that was contrary to their Christian faith. There are several reasons why these letters were written.

At least four times in this first epistle, Paul gave thanks for the church and the way it responded to his ministry. What characteristics of this church made it so ideal and such a joy to Paul's heart? It was what every church should be.

I. They were an elect people. v1-5

II. They were exemplary people. v6-7

III. They were enthusiastic and evangelistic people v8

IV. They were an expectant people v9-10

Paul remembered this church, and he gave thanks for their spiritual characteristics: They were elect; exemplary; enthusiastic; and expectant. But churches are made up of individuals. When we speak of the church, we must never say 'they' but we should say 'we'. We are the church! That means that if you and I have these spiritual characteristics in our lives, then our church will become what God wants us to become. Perhaps we need to take a personal inventory of our lives to determine whether or not we are what God desires us to be.