Growing Spiritually: Continual Gratitude

I Thessalonians 5:18

This evening we will continue our study entitled 'Growing Spiritually'. Tonight our topic addresses continual gratitude or thankfulness. We add this to an ever growing list of characteristics that point to an individual's spiritual growth. Thus far we have considered that a Christian who is growing spiritually will be:

If you look closely at our text verse, you notice three admonitions. First, we are to give thanks. Second we see that we are to give thanks in everything. The last part of the verse reminds us that to give thanks is the will of God.

I. We are to Give Thanks.

II. We are to Give Thanks IN Everything.

III. We are to Give Thanks: It is God's Will.

With each of these we have come to the point where we must honestly ask ourselves, "How are we doing in this area?" So tonight…How are we doing with being continually thankful in all things?