Growing Spiritually: Ceaseless Prayer

I Thessalonians 5:17

We have been looking at some important aspects of growing spiritually. This evening we want to look at another important part of the process of growth as a believer. It has to do with prayer. Our text is another one of God's little verses that is filled with power. Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica, 'Pray without ceasing.'

Once again we find that this is a command. Not an observation, nor is it simply a suggestion. It is a clear command from the Word of God. So how are we doing with this one? Last week we looked at the command to 'Rejoice evermore', but this one seems to be more difficult to obey. What does this mean?

I. The Meaning of 'Pray Without Ceasing'.

II. The Illustrations from the Parables.

III. The Example of Jesus.

IV. Why Should We Pray Without Ceasing?

We could go on, but I think we are getting the point tonight. To "pray without ceasing" is to pray persistently, earnestly and not lose heart. We have the instruction and the examples from God's Word concerning the importance of this command. Our motivation is to glorify God, align ourselves with His will, to have our needs met, to have our sins forgiven, to have victory over Satan, to have intimate fellowship with the Lord, to find wisdom, and to be free from worry.