Growing Spiritually: Maintaining Constant Joy

I Thessalonians 5:16

So far in our study we have seen that Growing Christians:

  1. Are confident in the relationship with God
  2. Are disciplined in their approach to the Bible
  3. Are committed to love the local church

Now as we continue we come to a simple two-word command of the Word of God. "Rejoice evermore." Only two-words, but this verse is loaded with meaning and practical application. A believer that is growing spiritually is someone who is constantly exhibiting joy. If we are a growing Christian we learn to rejoice in all things, and at all times.

I. Definition of the Command. 'Rejoice evermore'

II. Why We Don't Rejoice Always.

As we close this evening, let me ask…are we maintaining constant joy in our lives? Are we obedient to this command? This is no less important than any other command we find in the Scripture! Choose to be joyful tonight. Regardless of our circumstances, let's rejoice evermore!