Sleeping Christians

I Thessalonians 5:6

Last week while on our way to Savannah, we stopped for the night and was getting settled into our room. Pat looked around and said, 'There's no clock in here!' That is unusual, but many hotels have a service that you can use that turns your telephone into an alarm clock. You simply dial in the time you wish to get up, and the phone will ring until you answer it the next morning. I told Pat to just request a 'wake-up call'. With that in mind, how often since September 11th have we heard the phrase 'this was a wake-up call to America'? It seems that I must have heard it a hundred times or more. And you know what? I agree with the statement. The tragic events on that day did serve as a wake-up call to many.

In our text tonight, the apostle Paul is giving us a spiritual 'wake-up call'. He is telling us to wake up, don't be caught sleeping! We are to be on guard duty…and you don't sleep while on duty!

Why is this so important? Because the lives of others depend upon our being alert. The same is true spiritually, only to a greater degree. The eternal destiny of others depends upon us. Let's not fall asleep!

I. What It Means To Be In A State Of Sleep

II. Why The Believer Should Stay Awake

III. How to wake up and stay awake