Three Classes of Men

I Corinthians 2:9-3:4

When we consider all of the people in the world we could find many differences. Basically there is really only two classes of individuals. Those who are saved and those who are lost. But, the apostle Paul gives us another way to consider the human race. By the Spirit of God, he has given us three divisions of people. The "natural" man, the "carnal" man, and the "spiritual" man. These groups are classified according to their ability to understand and receive a certain body of Truth, which is of the things revealed unto us by the Spirit.

Read text: 1Co. 2:9-3:4

I. The Natural Man. 2:14

II. The Carnal Man. 3:1-4

III. The Spiritual Man. 2:15

The question tonight is (1) are you saved? and (2) if you are saved, are you spiritual? You never have to tell someone that you are spiritual, they will be able to see it in your life. In your character, your knowledge, and your attitude.

If you are not saved, you can be by accepting the gracious offer of God who loved you and died for you on Calvary. If you are not spiritual, or as spiritual as you would like to be, you can be. Yield yourself to God tonight and be filled with the Spirit of Christ instead of the spirit of self. Commit yourself to study His Word faithfully and purposefully. Get involved in the ministry of this church for the glory of God.