I Cor. 15:1-4

Growing up in this part of Indiana, I became acquainted with a T.V. character known as Sammy Terry! Every Saturday night he would host some of the worst horror films ever produced! But I would grab a bowl of popcorn, and a Pepsi and settle in to watch. If I felt really, really brave, I would turn out the lights!

I believe that it was because of watching some of those old Vincent Price movies that I developed a great fear…a phobia…I later found out that it was quite common among many folks. I developed a fear of being buried alive! My fear was only fed as I entered high school and began reading some of Edgar Allen Poe's stories.

Now, I haven't watched Sammy Terry in years, and I can't remember the last time I read anything by Poe, but I still get a chill when I think about being buried alive. Thoughts of helplessness come to mind …thoughts of hopelessness …but putting that all aside, the topic I have chosen this morning is 'Buried'.

Who is Buried in Grant's Tomb?

This is an old joke…the answer = no one! Our eighteenth president and his wife Julia are, however, entombed there.

Who Is Buried In Jesus' Tomb?

The answer = no one! No joke! It's empty!

Our passage makes it very clear that although Christ died and was buried … He didn't stay in the tomb! On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead and is alive! Of course that truth is what separates Christianity from every other belief in the world! As the old hymn says, "I serve a risen Savior!" Now, that is the message of hope to all! Since Jesus was victorious over death, hell, and the grave…we can also have that victory as we place our faith in His finished work of redemption! "Because He lives…I can face tomorrow" and so can everyone in this auditorium this morning who has believed on Him.

A wonderful truth…the gospel…all who believe in Him will be saved! But that isn't my topic this morning…we will hear more of the resurrection next week. Today I want us to consider 'Buried'.

The question for today is this…What was buried in Jesus' tomb? I am not talking about the burial clothes…or the ointment…I am talking about my sins…and yours if you have trusted in Him.

I. My Sins…the power of sin.

II. My Condemnation…the judgment of sin.

III. My Alienation…the condition of sin.

IV. Your Sins…if you will trust in Him.