Building Bridges!

I Corinthians 9:16-23

There are many different kinds of bridges in this world. Some are wooden, some are stone, and others are fabricated of steel. Some are small some are massive, but they all function basically the same way. They span a chasm. They make it possible for someone to pass from point 'A' on one side of the chasm to point 'B' on the other side.

In my travels around our great country, I have come to appreciate and at times have been absolutely amazed with some of the bridges I have found. The planning, expense, and great effort that went into the construction of these bridges boggles my mind. And yet they were constructed…they were built…why? The builders were motivated by the need! Let me apply this to our ministry here at Grace Baptist Temple. In our community there are people all around us who are on the other side of the chasm. They need a bridge to cross over.

I. Who Needs a Bridge

II. The Call to be Bridge Builders.

III. Bridge Builders Must Change Themselves Before They Can Build Any Bridges.