Will You Stay? 

I Corinthians 15:58

Not so long ago, people would be born, grow up, get a job, get married, have a family, grow old, and eventually die without leaving their town or general area. It is still that way in much of this world, but no longer in America. We are living in a very mobile society. People will move across the country for jobs, education, or often just a whim! That mindset has carried over to other areas of their lives as well. Unfortunately, even when it comes to spiritual matters. Not only do we have folks who hop from church to church, but we also have some who have little concern over the doctrine and practice of the churches they choose! This month marks my 16th anniversary as pastor of Grace Baptist Temple. Someone asked me if I was the pastor when the church was started, but I really am not that old (even if I look it)! In the summer of 1960, I was only 9 years old! With that said, I would like to say this morning that I have decided to stay! For some that may be discouraging, but I hope not. Not only am I going to stay, but I want to encourage you to stay as well. Listen to the charge of the apostle Paul to the folks in the church at Corinth.

Paul said, be stedfast and unmoveable…that means stay put and don't quit!

I. God Wants Us to Stay Steadfast.

II. God Wants Us to Stay Unmoveable

III. God Wants Us To Stay…

I don't know about you, but I have decided to stay! I didn't just make that decision this morning; I made that decision a long time ago. But this morning I am ready to recommit my life to God. Regardless of what may happen, I am going to stay! What about you? There is more work to be done, but we have fewer folks who are willing to do it! Will you stay? Now is not the time to quit…now is the time to re-enlist in God's service. For some this morning, you need to step up and say yes to God. You need to accept Christ and be born again! Will you come this morning?