42nd Anniversary: Unchanging

I Cor. 2:2

On January 13,1961 twenty-six people met at Marlin Tabernacle to organize the Grace Baptist Temple. Don Martin was called to be the pastor of this new church.

Charter members: Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Martin Gloria L. Martin Mrs. Leroy Boshear Mr. & Mrs. Aurand Merida Jr. Miss Josephine Owens

In our Constitution we have stated the purpose of the existence of Grace Baptist Temple. A few years ago we sought to summarize that purpose into a mission statement. The mission of Grace Baptist Temple can be simply stated in three words: winning, building, and sending. Our goal is to win people to Christ, build them up in the faith, and send them forth to serve the Lord.

Now 1961 was a long time ago! Much has happened in the past 42 years. Souls have been saved, believers have been built up in the faith, and many have been sent out to serve the Lord around the world. How is it that we have been able to maintain our purpose and goals for all of these years?

Let me give you a few thoughts this morning on how this church has been able to stay true to its founding purpose and principles for all of these years.

I. The Message Is Unchanging

II. Our Hope is Unchanging

III. Our Focus on Evangelism is Unchanging.

The need of men and women; boys and girls has not changed; we need a Savior! But thank God, His grace has not changed!

This morning, if you have never accepted Christ as your Savior, God's grace is extended to you today. Would you come and place your trust in Christ today?

Are you serving God with your life today? Why not come this morning and commit your life to Him. Maybe you need to come this morning and place your membership in this church. Come today. Perhaps you have never been obedient to God's command to be baptized, why not come and submit to Him today. Whatever the need would you come this morning!