What Difference Does It Make?

I Corinthians 15:2

Do you ever get the feeling that whatever happens in life doesn't make very much difference one-way or the other? It is so easy to adopt the attitude that, ultimately, nothing in this vast world is really terribly important or life changing. So we drift along, trying to enjoy as much as possible while thinking, "After all is said and done, the dust of the universe is going to close over my frail body, just as it will over everyone else's."

I once asked a man if he knew where he would spend eternity. His response was yes, he would spend it six feet underground. Then he slammed the door in my face. Not only was this man rude, but also he was dead wrong! The Bible declares the truth of the resurrection. There is a resurrection unto death, and a resurrection unto life…but all will be resurrected! No one will spend eternity in the ground. The good news is this; there is a possibility of eternal life for all of us because of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead that first Easter Sunday!

Where we spend eternity will be determined by whether or not we have truly believed that God has raised Jesus from the dead.

So you see that it does make a difference what we believe about the resurrection of Christ. His resurrection makes all the difference in eternity for you and me. His resurrection proves that . . .

I. His Claims Are True!

II. His Sacrifice Was Accepted!

III. His Offer of a New Life Is Available Now!

So does it matter? Does it make any difference if we believe in the resurrection or not? It makes the difference between joy and sorrow; life and death; and heaven and hell. The resurrection means that Jesus is truly the Son of God, that God as payment for our sin accepted His sacrificial death, and that we can each have a new life in Him.

Do you know Him and the power of His resurrection today? Why not come and place your faith in the resurrected Christ? Do you know His power? Come yield yourself to Him today…He will empower you to live for Him.