A Normal Church

I Corinthians 2:9-16

The other day I was buying something at a store where the register display was like a computer screen. When the purchase was brought up, there were two amounts listed in dollars and cents. One was in US dollars and the other was in Canadian dollars. The same merchandise but two different amounts. Which was the 'normal' price? Both were! One price was normal for this country's currency; the other was normal for Canada. The word 'normal' is defined as not deviating from a rule or principle. So what is normal depends on the rule or principle to which it is being compared. At times, I have been accused of not being normal. On other occasions, this church is categorized as being different, not your normal church. What is a 'normal' church? To answer that, we have to consider the standard by which it is being compared. We could compare ourselves with all the other churches in our area and come up with an answer. Or we could compare ourselves with all other Baptist churches and get a different answer.

We might even compare ourselves with other independent Baptist churches and come up with still another answer. Each of these comparisons would be different, because the rule or principle of comparison would be changing.

Read: 1 Corinthians 2:9-16

I. We Believe the Bible Is the Inspired Word of God - That is Normal

II. We Have Faith in God - That is Normal

III. We Want To Serve The Lord - That Is Normal

IV. We Want to Be Around the Lord's People - That Is Normal

Is there such a thing as a normal church? Yes, as we seek to evaluate what we do with the principles of the Word of God. What about a normal Christian? Yes, but I am afraid there are many who are only 'nominal' Christians. The words sound similar, but 'nominal' means in name only. There are many who seek to be Christian in name, but not in practice. It is normal…

Where are we at today? Do we know the Lord as our personal Savior? Or are we Christian in name only? Do we believe God's Word and put it into practice daily? Do we faithfully serve God with our lives? Do we look forward to the times we can assemble together with our church family for worship and praise? Whatever the need this morning, come to the Lord now. Let God make us normal!