Choose Humility over Pride

I Cor. 4:7

This evening we come to another choice that we as believers must make in our lives. That is to choose humility over pride. Story about Bill Bradley and the butter. "Do you know who I am?"

Occasionally we all need to have someone burst our balloon of self importance and bring us back to reality. Such experiences are healthy because they help us maintain a proper perspective about our accomplishments. Pride is an attitude that causes us to credit ourselves for our accomplishments and to blame others for our failures. On the other hand, humility is an attitude that views both our accomplishments and our failures from God's perspective.

How do we react to the inevitable successes and failures in our life? Tonight we will examine the biblical foundation and some practical suggestions for choosing humility over pride.

I. Pride vs. Humilty

II. The Problem with Pride

Tonight we have looked at the problem with pride in our lives. Next week we will consider the necessity of humility. Has pride kept you from doing what God would have you do?

The results of pride: Ingratitude...Independence Intolerance...and the Inability to accept the grace of God. What is your need tonight? Don't allow pride to get in the way of your relationship with God.