Symptoms of Spiritual Immaturity

I Cor. 3:1

A couple of weeks ago we looked at the topic of spiritual maturity. We discussed what it is and what some of the hindrances to it were. We said that a person moves toward spiritual maturity by building the principles of God's Word into their life in such a manner that they become more and more like Christ in the way they think and act! Tonight we want to consider some symptoms of spiritual immaturity. Symptoms are not the problem! They are only the indicators of the root problem. A person may be running a high temperature, but it is only a symptom of the real problem! The same is true spiritually.

I. A Lack of Concentration.

II. A Lack of Appetite.

III. A Lack of Discernment.

We have defined spiritual maturity, discussed hindrances to it, and looked at some of the symptoms of spiritual immaturity: A lack of concentration, a lack of appetite, and a lack of discernment. Are these symptoms present in our lives?

God's desire for us is that we grow, mature, and become more like Christ. He equips us through His Word, through the local church, and through other believers. There is no excuse for spiritual immaturity!