It's Still the Cross

I Cor. 1:18

Read: 1 Co. 1:17-25

The preaching of the cross to some seems old-fashioned. Maybe even useless in the world in which we live today. However, I contend that the only hope for this world is the preaching of the cross. Because, as the song said, it's still the cross where new life begins!

I have to admit that it is not very popular to preach the cross today. All too many folks come to church to hear some little pep talk to make them feel good about themselves. We have hundreds of visitors each year who come with who knows what in mind, but they hear the preaching of the cross! Some will return, others will not.

What a privilege to be able to witness people getting saved! People surrend-ering their lives for service to God. People repenting and confessing sin before God and finding victory! People coming to God in obedience to His Word!

Why does that sort of thing happen here at Grace Baptist? It isn't because of me, it isn't because of our buildings, it isn't because of our music, it isn't because of anything that we have here, but it is because of the preaching of the cross! Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." cf Jn. 12:32 Why is it so important that the cross of Christ be preached?

I. The Preaching of the Cross Sweeps Away Man's Pretenses.

II. The Preaching of the Cross Reveals the Love and Grace of God.

III. The Preaching of the Cross Divides the World into Two Groups.

It isn't a very popular message, the message of the cross. By many it is considered to be foolishness, but it is the power of God unto salvation.

The cross overshadowed the cradle the moment that Jesus was born. He was born to die for you and for me. It is up to us to receive Him or reject Him. It is still the cross where new life begins! Will you come this morning and receive Christ?

Christian, there is only one message that we need to be busy about's still the cross. Do others know that you are a believer? Have you shared with them the saving message of the cross? Will you live for Him today?