The Old and the New

I Cor. 16:9

As we near the end of 1992 we cannot help but reflect on the past and consider what God has done for us. There is no doubt that He has blessed us tremendously. We have seen some good friends leave us for other areas ministry, but God has brought us back together with others. There have been some sad times, but there have been many joyous times as well. Each of our lives have been changed in the past year.

It is good to look back and consider the past. We can learn from our mistakes and we can rejoice in our victories. However, we cannot and should not dwell on the past when we are faced with the prospect of a brand new year. This next year is like the promised land was to Israel. We must enter it as a conqueror in Christ and do great things for God. Think with me for a moment about what the new year means to each of us. Should the Lord tarry His coming:

I. It Means Unlimited Opportunities! cf 1Co. 16:9

II. It Means There Will Be Obstacles. cf Ro. 8:28-38

The coming year means that we will have both opportunities and obstacles to face. But we will not have to face them alone! We have a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Perhaps He will return in the coming year! What a glorious thought! But should he tarry His coming, what will we say about 1993? Will our goals be realized? Will we have made an impact on our world for the cause of Christ? The choice is up to us.

For those of you who have yet to accept Jesus Christ, will you resist His grace and reject His love? God is longsuffering and is not willing that any should perish, but to continue to resist His gracious offer of salvation is to play the fool. Trust Him today.

Whatever your need this morning I invite you to come. Will you commit 1993 to Christ? Christians, accept the challenges that God lays before us.