A Look at the Corinthian Church

I Corinthians 12:10

Over the past several weeks I have been preaching a series of messages which have been designed to help us evaluate the Modern-day Charismatic experience and teaching. As I have stated from the outset, my purpose has not been to hurt or to offend anyone. My goal as your Pastor is to equip you, and to exhort you to always evaluate doctrine by the Word of God. We have established that God's Word is complete, authoritative, and sufficient for us today. Also that miracles, signs, and wonders were given by God to authenticate revelation and the one giving the revelation; and since we have God's complete revelation to man of His will in the Bible, these signs are no longer necessary. God's Word has superceded them all. We have also looked at the ONLY three places in Scripture where it is recorded that "tongues" were spoken. In each passage we have found that they were given as a sign of authentification. We also examined the three foundational teachings of the Modern-day Charismatic movement in light of the three Scriptural accounts where "tongues" were spoken, and found their teachings not to be consistent with the Word of God.

There are only three books in the New Testament where "tongues" are even mentioned.

Mark 16:17 A reference to Apostolic gifts which were fulfilled in the age of the apostles as recorded in the book of Acts.

Acts 2, 10, 19 References we looked at last week in great detail.

1 Corinthians 12, 13, 14 References where Paul gave instructions to the local church at Corinth with regard to the gift of tongues. This is where we want to look this evening as we continue our study.

I. The Problems at Corinth

II. The Problems in the Church at Corinth.

Conclusion: Only things of great value are counterfeited. No one has ever been put in jail for counterfeiting Monopoly money! But real money, jewels, etc. they are counterfeited all the time. The church cannot function properly without the right use of spiritual gifts. Satan will counterfeit at every turn to cause misunderstandings and misconceptions in order to cause confusion and chaos. It happened in the church at Corinth, and it is still happening today. What is the answer? This book, God's Word, must be the only rule of faith and practice in the New Testament church! There can be NO compromise!